Complete Nutrition Food Pyramid Matching Game in 2022


Food Pyramid Matching Game You are playing an intellectual game when you match up the food pyramid image with the corresponding letter. This program uses the concept of shopping lists to help grocery shoppers identify specific items in a food group. The client should use both their short-term memory and long-term memory recall in this example. (Food Pyramid Matching Game)

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Food Pyramid Matching Game

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How to Play:

  1. Create a triangle food pyramid for each participant so that everyone understands how much is needed from each of the three food groups each day. Number the food groups from 1-6. (Food Pyramid Matching Game)
  2. The best way to eat healthfully is to print out all the food items from cheese (chicken, cheese, milk, etc.)
  3. You have to roll the die and match the food group to the corresponding section of the food pyramid. If you get a number higher than 10 you’ll find a picture that matches the food group you rolled. (Food Pyramid Matching Game)
  4. In their turn, each participant rolls a die and has to match a food item to the food group that corresponds with that number. They must then place the picture on the correct section of the food pyramid. (Food Pyramid Matching Game)
  5. BONUS ROUND: If a participant fails to correctly match a food item to its appropriate food group, then the next participant rolls the die. (Food Pyramid Matching Game)
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