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Want to know how a professional race car driver feels? What it’s like to be in the racing industry and what pressure looks like in that specific circle of professionals? If so, then Blur is the perfect game for you! This game is more difficult than usual because the highest reward given to you will only be revealed when all levels are cleared. You’ll have to stay on top of your game at all times if you want to obtain these rewards!

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The most important thing to be aware of when playing this game is that it is highly addictive! Blur races through the ranks of the best games in its class, easily competing with other racing games and surpassing them. Whenever you decide to try this game, prepare yourself for an immersive experience that will transport you right back into your childhood and have your fingers glued to the screen time after time! This was meant as a friendly disclaimer to help players understand just how addictive this game can be 🙂

Blur’s cars are iterated to the most perfect state that you will fall in love with each and every car. If you’re tired of racing simulators which world settings, give Blur a try. You’ll get mesmerizing views of street life in this game.

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Car customization is quite a unique feature to this game. Not many other games that have been released recently in the car-related category, covering things like night driving or police cars, have dared to do it, and that gives it a competitive edge over all others. You will not get bored of playing this game due to its highly exciting gameplay and sharp graphics. There’s more – unlike most other games online which tend to be paid only, the nightly races component of Need for Speed Most Wanted can be downloaded for free from one of the site’s secure servers.

Blur Gameplay

Car designers have always focused on enhancing the sound quality of their vehicles – and the high-octane world of modern sports car design is no exception. Like everything else on a sporty car, this emphasis “pays off” in driving enjoyment: For example, did you realize that your Corvette’s radio volume actually changes according to vehicle speed?

When racing hard or performing similar spirited driving, for example, your Corvette’s radio volume gets turned DOWN automatically so you can hear more engine, tire and wet weather road sounds. (And when heavy braking brings revs down below 2000 rpm at speeds over 45 mph – watch out – the radio volume will AUTOMATICALLY go up so you can enjoy listening to music again even though you’re slowing down.)

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Not only that, you can make your car even more powerful by equipping it with weapons such as missiles and guns. You can play this game all alone or with friends and family because we understand how tough some of its challenges are, but you’ll be glad you stuck through it!

Now, if you’ve ever watched that popular car racing movie before, now is your chance to not only ride them but also drive them. In order to make sure you can actually keep up in races you’ve got to keep yourself on the leading edge at all times so as to be able to earn more rewards throughout each race which will ultimately give you a better setup later on and really start giving your car some extra upgrades.

If you’ve ever watched that popular car racing movie before, now is your chance to do more than just sit back with popcorn in your hand. These hugely-anticipated interactive scenes will have you not only ride the cars but also drive them and keep you on the leading edge of technology at all times, ensuring your up-to-the-minute knowledge gives you an advantage over the competition!

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This game comes with a variety of mods as well, one of the most popular being the additional mod which gives players an experience of professional car racing. However, you aren’t allowed to add more than 2 local people or other family members to play together with you.

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Initial Release DateFeb,8 2015
PlatformMicrosoft Windows,
PublisherBizarre Creations, Ltd
Game Store LinkBlur

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  • Step 6: After Completing The Installation You Can Enjoy Cloud Meadow PC For free



  • OS: 64 bit Versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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