Keychron K2 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (Version 2) Review

The Keychron K2 Version 2 is the new and improved iteration of a keyboard that was originally released in 2016. The K2 took the market by storm, providing everything users wanted from a smaller keyboard but were unafraid to ask for. That makes this product perfect for both novice users and veterans alike! With wireless connectivity, a sleek aluminum frame, RGB backlighting, Mac compatibility, and more features available at a much lower price point than some of its competitors, it’s no wonder why this product has already sold over 40 million units since hitting store shelves!

What sets Keychron apart from the competition is that it listens to feedback on all of its products. From concept to release timeframes, Keychron always makes sure to go above and beyond what’s expected of them when producing their next big hit.

Highlights of Keychron K2v2

Keychron K2 Review

The Keychron K2 Version 2 is a 75% keyboard with an aluminum body that allows you to personalize it however you want, whether it be mixing and matching keycaps or using the built-in RGB backlighting. Not only does the K2v2 have a unique wireless/wired connection so you can seamlessly change between the two, but it has impressive battery life as well!


The RGB lighting on the K2v2 is really something and with its slim form factor, it fits nicely with any desk setup. The keyboard’s Windows & Mac compatibility is just one of its many selling points – with a surprising amount of durability for such a compact device.

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The ergonomic design is inclined and this makes typing more comfortable on the wrists and it offers two different adjustment settings for the keyboard angle. This is to help you find an angle that suits your feet.

The only downside would be that the keyboard sounds a little hollow. Though, to be honest, it’s really the only thing I could find worth mentioning- and for such a reasonable price I can’t complain too much.

Inside the Box

Keychron K2 Review

The first thing you notice is the plastic cover to protect your keyboard from dust and other debris which would otherwise damage it. Attached, a plastic cover will also give your keyboard a fair bit of protection when not in use. Most companies don’t even offer these as bonuses, so this is a really nice touch from them.

The neat USB-C cable that comes with the box and it has a wonderfully textured feel. This has an 90 degree angled head which means you can plug it in from the side which is handy when you’re charging/powering the keyboard. USB-C cables are more durable too, making this one an ideal option.

The K2 is compatible with both Mac & Windows, so in the box you get extra keycaps to swap between modifier keys that are specific to particular operating systems. Keyboards like this one are few and far between – which makes it perfect for people who work on both Macs and Windows

Unlike all the other keyboards in this roundup, this particular one also comes with a detailed buyer’s guide that teaches you how to use it in a variety of languages.

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Various Build Qualities

Keychron K2 Review

The K2 Version 2 comes with a variety of different builds so there’s sure to be one that fits your budget & needs. The entry-level model is plastic, but feels very nice.

The next level up is aluminum frame, which costs a little more than plastic, but also provides a sturdy and weighty finish to the table. If you have the budget, I would definitely recommend getting aluminum frame as it is worth the investment. But if plastic is your preference, it will work as well!

The K2 Version 2 solves the problems with its redesigned case at an ergonomically-friendly angle. The keyboard also has multi double-height keys and a key layout that is made to make you feel like you’re typing on a laptop keyboard.

The build quality of this keyboard is excellent and the ergonomics are improved. I recommend you get the wood wrist rest too. It makes typing on it much more comfortable.

The Keycaps

The keycaps on the K2 come in a shiny ABS plastic and come in different shades of grey. The keys are laid out well and their sleek feel is accentuated with orange coloured text.

This keyboard comes with media keys on the top row. Having them there on a lower layer means you can change the sound and brightness settings without needing to bring up these features on your PC.

ABS is cheaper & generally of lower quality than PBT. They’re less resistant to wear & show fingerprints. For this reason, most people recommend PBT instead. Luckily the K2v2 allows for an easy upgrade to PBT keycaps, which are hard to find. This will be really cool as it makes the keyboard compatible with a unique layout.

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Wireless Connectivity

The Keychron K2 Version 2 can connect to your PC, phone, or tablet via Bluetooth. It pairs easily with the instructions in the box.You can connect up to three devices with one button press. It’s great for those who like to alternate between taking notes on their phone and using a computer to write an email.

Keychron K2 Review

Massive Battery

The battery in the K2 lasts a long way. “Without the RGB lighting turned on, the keyboard can easily last for a week.” So you can get on with your work without worrying about your keyboard dying in the middle of the day.

Wrap it off

The Keychron K2 is a compact and ergonomic keyboard. It comes in a 75% layout that saves space on your desk and allows you to type comfortably without compromising on convenience. The wireless connectivity also makes it easy to take with you, so you can get some work done at your favorite coffee shop.

The K2 is available for all the different operating systems out there. It doesn’t matter if you have a Windows PC or an iPad – just plug it in and you’re ready to go.

There are a variety of different packages available for keyboards that you can customize to your budget. You can purchase one with RGB backlighting or a aluminum frame, or if you want high-quality keycaps, bump up to the next price range.

You can purchase the Keychron K2v2 on Amazon for a good deal, or visit its product page on the Keychron website.

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