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Lumino City is a sophisticated and unique puzzle game tailored explicitly to iOS. The interactive storyline incorporates 90 handmade backgrounds, eventually featured in the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Casual Games of 2015. Additionally, there are three difficulties (Normal, Hard, and Nightmare) to choose from so that players can enjoy more than one aspect of this game.

Lumino City Free Download

Lumino City

Lumino City is an adventure game where you must put all of the pieces together to succeed. The storyline of this game involves a girl named Lumi who sought out the help of her grandfather to find a toy that got lost. She also assists both the citizens and animals in Lumi City in various ways throughout her adventures. However, exploring the vast city’s surroundings and putting the puzzle pieces together about how this exciting town works is what this game is mostly about… For real!

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Lumino City Gameplay

The award-winning team behind Lumino City was tasked with designing an atmospheric and artistic gaming experience that addressed environmental concerns. The primary goal of this game was to raise awareness about renewable energy technologies and their place in the future.


The award-winning board game involves players traveling from place to place and creating a network of resources. Gameplay is flexible, encouraging exploration and the discovery of all that papercraft has to offer, indoors and out.

Lumino City Features

Lumino City is an eye-catching, handcrafted 2D puzzle adventure game that will transport you to a finely detailed micro-world of wonder and amazement. In this visually advanced, uniquely crafted game world, you’ll need to investigate the city’s secrets, help its inhabitants and solve perplexing light puzzles to restore life to Lumino City.

Handmade city

Lumino City is a point-and-click puzzle game that’s truly breathtaking. It’s a world made entirely from paper, cardboard, strings of lights, and glue. Because every element is handcrafted, this side scroller stays true to its rural African theme.

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Lumino City is a separate entity that is different from other games. Its puzzles are also unique and not like those found in other games. Many people like Lumino City because it is handmade, which allows you to interact with natural objects and make them look like they belong in the game. If you successfully solve all of the puzzles in Lumino City, you will be able to control windmills and bring power to homes by finding a dragonfly’s hidden wings on each level. One of the puzzles has a complex pinball table that must be solved to progress through the game’s story.

Gameplay Screenshots

Lumino City
Lumino City
Lumino City
Lumino City
NameLumino City
Initial Release Date3 Dec, 2014
PlatformMicrosoft Windows,
PublisherState of Play Games
Game Store L inkLumino City

How to Download Lumino City

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  • OS: Windows
  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM

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