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Need for Speed 2 is a fast and exciting racing game produced by Electronic Arts. The game offers high-speed action with many different cars, lots of adrenaline and many different tracks to race on.

Need For Speed 2 Free Download

Need For Speed 2

When Need for Speed 2 was first released it was praised for the outstanding game play that kept its original plot whilst updating with new content and even more challenging game play. The initial online multi-player format, however, has become slightly lost over time as the initial competition between players could be anywhere at any time which kept things exciting as no one knew what to expect now they had been upgraded in terms of their car parts, upgrades and speed capabilities. It is a shame then that so many of the tracks are set on location such as Germany and Canada to Nepal but users will still enjoy them especially if they have chosen Thailand instead!

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Need For Speed 2 (Special Edition) Gameplay

Need For Speed II Special Edition is an arcade game, so it has limited realism when it comes to how the push rides behave. Sure, you cannot keep your customizable vehicle going its maximum speed lap-after-lap with no breaks in between (while still maintaining control) or any real skill, but almost anyone can beat the game without much effort. If you play with a manual transmission, this becomes more complicated but gives a genuine sense of actually driving a push ride vehicle that makes it even more pleasurable. There’s also three main modes of customization that allow for broadening your racing horizons if you ever get bored with straight racing..


Need For Speed 2 (Special Edition) Features

The following modes are included in Need for Speed 2 Special Edition:

This is a fun game where you can choose from a variety of cars, tracks, and things to do with up to 8 friends! Choose the mode that works best for you, then take your opponent down in this fast-paced racing experience.

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Players earn points in tournaments by completing certain tasks or games.

This game is called Dropout. It’s a party game where you have to try to get rid of the rest of the players by being the last one standing. It can go on until only one person remains.

While City Car Driving 2 [1] was a great sequel to City Car Driving 1 [2], there were still some things that could be improved about the game. Here are the updates we’d like to see: cars (there are now more of them), weather effects and places to go (the number of them has increased as well). However, the current version of City Car Driving 2 is still lacking some collision mechanics including ones for external damage, which would help players have an easier time finding their way around by improving their awareness of where they are driving.

Gameplay screenshots

Need For Speed 2
Need For Speed 2
Need For Speed 2
NameNeed For Speed 2
Initial Release Date 1997
PlatformMicrosoft Windows,
PublisherEA Originals
Game Store LinkNeed For Speed 2

How to Download Need For Speed 2

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System Requirements

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7

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