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Old School Musical Imagine a scenario in which you can return to your adolescence and carry on with that remarkable life once more. We used to be so content with the seemingly insignificant details we had. So lock in and prepare to visit the past in this virtual stage. Old School Music is one such game, which will make you go off the deep end, and you can remember similar sensations of playing retro games. So play your cherished games and partake in the fullest. Move your body on magnificent tracks and prepare for chicken battles. You can have everything in Old School Music.

Old School Musical Free Download

Old School Musical

Do you like musical games? Old School Musical is a magnificent blend of diversion and activity. You were more likely than not to play many activity games, where you must be so not kidding and center around the moves. How about we be calm and place minor fixings into this activity play.

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Consider the possibility that you can hit the adversaries with a blade while sticking on magnificent soundtracks. On the off chance that you are thinking about realizing that the sky is the limit in the gaming scene. Old School Music is a phenomenal game created by La MOutarde and distributed by Playdius. Games with such attributes are interesting, so snatch the open door, and how about we go for a pleasant ride. Prepare for the magnificent journeys.


Old School Musical Gameplay

Meet Tib and Rob, the most fantastic characters of Old School Music. They know how to shake on, and you will do likewise. But, as we probably are aware, Old School Music isn’t just about music; it is also about the activity. So this excursion isn’t just yours; you have kept the substance of Tib and Rob.

Play different missions with them and be answerable for their triumph. Show them from where every one of the game-bugs comes from. Partake in the chiptunes and move your blades in a like manner. There are around 32 distinct chicken battles. Play the looney story mode and endeavor to score the most significant. Cause Tib and Rob to overwhelm all the matches.You can play, run, bounce, shoot and drive your vehicle like a professional. Could we have a wonderful second playing Old School Music and participate in the fullest.

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Old School Musical Features

Play the musicality game more than ever and remember the days of yore. Old School Music is an ideal blend of present-day and retro games. Old School Music additionally has extraordinary highlights to engage the players; how about we investigate every one of them.

Many tracks

There are 50 magnificent chiptunes to engage all of you. In addition, you can encounter beautiful melodies behind the scenes, similar to Big Mama, Home, Into the Present, Drugged MJ, and so forth. Appreciate them all and take magnificent actions on the music beats.

The presentation

You can encounter framework-enhanced visualizations and play Old School Music. This can provide you with the sensation of the 90s. The 2D illustration’s quality and liveliness have impeccably caused up the situations. Carry back the old energies with this magnificent ongoing interaction.


Old School Music has 5 magnificent visitors in this game. You can cooperate with Dubmood, Zabuton, Hello World, Yponeko, and Le Plankton. Remember the appearance of chickens in the stretches.

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Different levels

Old School Music has 20 distinct levels. Every one of them has absolute highlights. The difficulties might progress as you continue in the ongoing interaction. You want to score the most extreme score to meet all requirements for a higher level.

Gameplay Screenshots

Old School Musical
Old School Musical
Old School Musical
NameOld School Musical
Initial Release Date13 Sep, 2018
PlatformMicrosoft Windows,
PublisherDear Villagers
Game Store L inkOld School Musical

How to Download Old School Musical

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  • OS: Windows 7 (64-bit OS required)
  • Processor: Intel Core™ Duo or faster
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 610 MB available space

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