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Sweet Transit is Factorio meets Transport Tycoon 2022

In the current console and PC market, there are many fantastic games, including the retro classic Transport Tycoon on which the Indie title Sweet Transit is a modernized remake of. This new version includes updated graphics and mechanics to make it appeal to gamers seeking an equally addicting but less hectic gaming experience.

Transport Tycoon released in 1994 and the XCOM series began in this same year. Because Transport Tycoon wasn’t as popular as other games, it would never get a sequel, unlike XCOM which got two successful first-person shooter spinoffs in the form of Enemy Unknown and Alien VS Predator – despite some fans of that classic strategy game wishing for more.

Former Factorio developer and 3D artist, Ernestas Norvaišas has teamed up with publisher Team 17 to create Sweet Transit! The game’s a spiritual successor to Transport Tycoon – so no doubt that means trains are king in this city-builder.

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Sweet Transit is down for early access first, which will not be too far away as Norvaišas plans to release the full game this year – although the Steam page makes clear that “Sweet Transit will stay in early access until it is good enough”. It will also have full mod support from day one and Steam Workshop integration built-in.

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