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Family can be the best thing we have in our lives. Sometimes, they even make all the wrongs seem right again. For example, take a young girl dealing with the conflict of losing her father and having to find him back again! Then, there comes Whispering Willows, which tells us about the mystical journey of Elena Elkhorn. What will one learn by playing this game? The answer to that question is simple: Every journey starts when you decide it’s time to go. We hope you will make the journey through this haunted Mansion filled with secrets, magic, mystery, and ghostly apparitions as unforgettable as breathing!

Whispering Willows Free Download

Whispering Willows

Night Light Interactive developed the successful horror-adventure game Whispering Willows. This game was published and developed by Akupara Games. The game was released on Steam, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and OS X on May 27th, 2014. Since its release, it has been popular among players worldwide.

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Whispering Willows Gameplay

In Whispering Willows, players will take on the role of a young woman named Elena Elkhorn. Control the character’s navigation and actions with the help of function keys F1 through F5. She travels to her father’s abandoned Mansion in search of him during a thunderstorm. Though she seeks refuge there, her journey is different from other guests because they have to wait until a door opens in front of them. With the help of her pendant, she can turn into a spirit and move around freely while remaining undetected – but she won’t be able to interact with people or objects without first turning back into a person.


Whispering Willows Features

  • Beautiful 2D Art –

Immerse yourself in a beautiful 2D stylized world as you climb the Mansion grounds.

  • Haunting Audio –

Let the eerie music & sound effects send shivers across your neck.

  • Twisted Plot –

The history of the Willows Mansion allows readers to be pulled into what is a dark, unpredictable plot. Readers feel that they are overflowing with information and itching to find out where things are going next.

  • Puzzling Secrets –
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Please search for the missing father and unlock the many mysterious secrets of the vast Mansion as you discover them in-game

Deluxe Edition Includes

  • Digital Art Book –

Digital Art is just one facet of the fully-fledged game Whispering Willows. It’s meant to enhance the hyper-reality of the game & add a sense of fantasy to everything. It features concept art from the game and written descriptions from artists, exploring how they came up with unique techniques for interpreting different character designs and environments.

  • Soundtrack –

This album will appeal to music lovers of all styles with a vibrant song range.

  • Wallpaper –

1920×1280 Wallpaper emote with Elena Elkhorn

Gameplay Screenshots

Whispering Willows
Whispering Willows
Whispering Willows
Whispering Willows
NameWhispering Willows
Initial Release Date9 Jul, 2014
PlatformMicrosoft Windows,
PublisherAkupara Games
CategoryStory Rich
Game Store LinkWhispering Willows

How to Download Whispering Willows

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  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 2.6 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce 700 Series
  • Storage: 2396 MB available space
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