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Zwei The Arges Adventure is an action-packed RPG developed by Nihon Falcom. The developers are known for creating Japanese RPGs with an old-school flair to them that has a huge fan following around the world. If you’re looking to get back in your RPG-making heyday then this game is definitely one you will want to pick up. It consists of two main characters named Pipiro and Pokkle. The title ‘Zwei’ was created by taking the first two letters of each character in their names. The gameplay will remind many fans of classics released on the Super Nintendo console such as Legend of Mana, Secret of Mana, Elder Scrolls and more.

Pokkle and Pipiro are good friends; they don’t just play Zwei The Arges Adventure . In fact, they can be found when Pokkle wins a Quack-a-lympics medal! That would be such fun to see. The Zwei The Arges Adventure plot twist is all about these two on the quest to set six goddess statues upright in their homeland, which were stolen from them by an evil foe who, unbeknownst to them, is trying to steal their power.

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Zwei The Arges Adventure

Granvallen is a mysterious world of unexplored floating continents. The magic once thrived here, and people had even built cities in the sky. However, after defeating an evil Demon King named Vesper at Arches, Granvallen suffered many dispossessions that led to the decline of its magical civilization. Five hundred years later, this world is heralding in a new era of peace. Those who were found to be able to use magic soon disappeared, leaving only legends trailing behind them. Despite this peaceful era and the lack of signs indicating the possible reappearance of spells and magical energy as in times past out at sea or on faraway shores.

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Pipiro and Pokkle the two 14-year-olds lived in a village called Puck, located in Arshes., The children both spot a masked man entering their village’s temple one day. They both decide to follow him silently into the temple as they don’t want to give away their hiding spot. The man stole six of the village’s goddess statues. Pipiro and Pokkle decided to steal them back so they could sell them for money to help fix up Puck’s dilapidated houses, where neither family has enough space or income to live decently anymore. Thus, the journey begins.

Zwei The Arges Adventure Gameplay

This video game is a ton of fun. It kind of reminds me of those old games I used to play when I was younger, the ones that made my imagination run wild and allowed me to become completely absorbed into them until finally scaring my little brother just for the fun of it. That’s what makes such games so much fun; they create a world you could never in a million years experience in real life, but still makes you feel as if your there as part of the action! You can control two characters named Pipiro and Pokkle who each have their own special abilities.

Pipiro can blast off magic at enemies while Pokkle fights with her trusty drill weapon to take on her foes by cracking through their defense! There are even elemental attacks the players can use to break down their opponents’ weaknesses. The game is gorgeous with vibrant colors and detailed scenes that really bring everything together in an extremely pleasing manner!

Pipiro’s magical elemental powers enable players to open up new areas in dungeons where rewards await those who can score combos on enemies in the same screen. The spoils gained from combos also increase with higher scores, and guide the player towards increasing Combo attacks which will destroy every hostile creature within a dungeon room.

They can converse with NPC characters on the go so they don’t become lost or depleted of supplies as they explore new areas to unravel their next clue. Once outside Puck Village, there are Arches where players can choose to go anywhere they want on the map – each area is divided into stages, and inside each stage there are typically 3 floors per stage that must be conquered before moving onto the next area.

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Each of the game stages can be completed in separate orders, although every stage has a display outside that shows the Level needed for optimum play. Powerful enemies guard each dungeon entrance, wanting to keep out potential invaders of their dungeons and treasures. You defeat these monsters by either leveling up or gaining Experience Points (XP), which are obtained through eating food items, physical attacks and by other means.

Zwei The Arges Adventure Features

  • The world of Arges is vibrant, beautiful and filled with colorful characters full of personality. The anime art style makes this game feel lively throughout, the bright colors are a welcome change from the mostly black-and-white sceneries we’re used to seeing in other fantasy RPG games!
  • Fast and chaotic combat featuring a plucky duo of protagonists (plus a pet) that utilizes melee attacks and various magics with the goal of solving puzzles and traversing underground dungeons, all the while either flanking said duo of protagonists or monitoring said protagonist duo’s ongoing zany adventures on one’s phone.
  • The story begins in the peaceful town of Puck-puck, where a prophecy has foretold that two characters from different worlds will come together and save the town from an evil demon lord. The demon lord kidnaps some residents, including Pokkle and Pipiro who just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, so off they go on a journey to save their friends. What starts out as a simple rescue party soon becomes much bigger than our heroes ever imagined! What sort of things will you encounter along your adventure? Everything from talking cats, a casino full of balloon cabbages, and even a fourth wall (but more on that later)!
  • A food-based leveling system that allows players to challenge the game on their own terms. Eat food to raise your character’s level, or hoard it so you can exchange it in town for that perfect ingredient down the line which will allow you to craft a dish granting even more experience points. Will you stay low level and challenge dungeons well beyond your means for the promise of more level ups down the line, or will you save up your mapo tofu so you can powerlevel yourself at a moment’s notice when you need it most?
  • The Zwei games are a series of two titles designed by Falcom that were released back in the late 90’s. The original release was on the Sega Dreamcast, followed by a PS1 port and a PSP re-release. These titles let players take control of a main character who is accompanied by a pet which could be named and whose stats could be raised to improve its combat capabilities. People seemed to like this game so much that many years later, a remake of both games titled “New Interpretation: Aoki Tsuki Michite-se Yori (Zwei!!)” was released on PC and PSP. This remake improved the graphics and lets players switch between the original soundtrack or an arranged version from 2008.
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Gameplay Screenshots

Zwei The Arges Adventure
Zwei The Arges Adventure
Zwei The Arges Adventure
Zwei The Arges Adventure
NameZwei The Arges Adventure
Initial Release Date24 Jan, 2018
PlatformMicrosoft Windows,
PublisherXSEED GamesMarvelous USA, Inc.
Game Store LinkZwei The Arges Adventure

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  • OS: Windows XP+
  • Processor: 2GHz Single core CPU
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 128 MB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Compatible with DirectX 9.0c
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